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End of the Beginning


 No matter what this world tells us, for Christians, death is not the end. It’s the beginning of a beautiful life with Christ. Even though it still may hurt for those of us still here on Earth, we know that God is in control.

End of the Beginning

All these tears
All this pain
I know
That it is for
A reason
That there is
A point to all this

Even in
A broken world
With hurting people
Who’re shattered
And torn
We know
That we
Can have

Even in death
When those we love
Breathe no more
And the tears
Of grief
Seem to drag us under
We need not fear

Even though
We never will
Hear their voice
Or feel their arms
Wrapping tight
Around us
We know
That you are

Even though
They never will
Pour Your truths
Into our hearts again
We will trust in your
Mercies that are new
Every morning

Even if we never get
To see their earthly
Faces even once more
We will lean on You
Who will do what is

Even if you
Never heal
Or change these
Broken bodies
And if
You answer
To all my prayers
And pleas
I know what you
Are really saying is

Yes to what is best
To what will
Touch the world
Yes to what will
Truly change hearts
And bring the broken
To Yourself

Because in that
Very last breath
When their
Earthy shell is
When it seems that
This is the end
It is not

Oh Father God
You know that
It is not just
The end
But the

The beginning
Of a perfect life
Forever living
With You

Their last breath
Is not the finale
It does not finish
Their praises to You

But instead
It is the prelude to the
Hallelujah Chorus
Of their life

This may be the end
Of the pain
Of the sadness
And guilt of sin
The burdens of this
Earthly life
Are dropped there
No longer living

It is sin that is dead
And not the soul
That trusts in Christ
The last remnants
Of sin erased
They rise to you
Forever alive

They are now truly free
Living life to the fullest
Praising you forevermore

For His Great Name