Remembrance of those Days – the 4th of July

On the 4th of July, we grill out, visit family, and go swimming. But, we need to remember why we celebrate.

I wrote this poem, Remembrance of those Days, as I was thinking about what God has done for us and what a blessing it is to live in the United States of America. Also, I was reminded what a great sacrifice was given so that we might be free – made by the early Americans and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Remembrance of those Days

What a wonder that they did.
Oh, those men from long ago.

They fought as they were led
By the leaders of our land.

They did not run in fear,
But trusted in God’s mighty hand.

They guarded what they held dear – 
 Truth, and liberty, and freedom.

They willingly gave up their life
So that we might come
And worship freely – no fear of strife.

We take this time to celebrate and remember
Our freedom, our country, our God.
For it is by Him only that we are here
To love, to serve, to glorify His name.

A Poem For Dad

My dad has done so much for me. So, this week, for Father’s Day, I wrote him a poem. This poem is also for all those dads who diligently teach us children to love and serve the Lord with all of our heart! Thanks, Dad!

You have always been there 
To protect me and to guide. 
You have taught me with care 
To hide God’s word deep inside. 
You have made it clear 
That when we hide His word,
It should be so near 
That His love can be heard 
Resounding from our life 
Into the world around
In every joy or strife. 
So that His glory may abound 
Throughout every tribe and nation. 
This is the anthem of your heart 
And your soul passion
May it never depart.

For His Great Name