About Alyssa

  I am a teenage homeschooler who loves the Lord and desires for His name to be great. When I am not doing schoolwork, I enjoy doing gymnastics with my siblings, reading, writing, and sewing.

   When I was 2 1⁄2, I came to saving faith in Christ Jesus my Lord. So, I’ve been a Christian for as long as I can remember. This is a great blessing and I thank God for it. Through headaches, moving, and losing a grandparent, God has grown me, strengthened my faith in Him and shown me that living a life the way He wants us to is impossible without His strength and guidance. As I’ve grown older, God has shown me that He wants me to serve Him, possibly by being a missionary. Although I don’t know how He desires me to fulfill this call in my life, I trust that He will lead.

Why “For His Great Name”?

For His Great Name