Come. Come and see.
I beg you. I plee.
Come and see 
The poverty.
The tattered bed,
The weary head,
That wonders…
“What is my purpose?
Why am I here?
Does anyone care?”
Come and see.

Come. Come and care.
Show a child that they matter.
Show them they are special-
That they are better 
Then what other people say they are.
Come and care.

Come. Come and serve.
Fix a fan. Build a house.
They deserve 
Much more than this.
More than dirt and grime.
More than dust and ash.
Come and serve.

Come. Come and play.
Bind up wounded hearts
By kicking a ball 
Or throwing darts.
And, oh, when you call
Out their name, 
You are saying, 
“You’re important to me.”
Come and play.

Come and see.
Come and care. 
Come and serve.
Come and play. 
But, come in love.
Not in selfish ambition
Or to make yourself great.
Come to make God great.
Come to change lives
With the power of the cross. 

For His Great Name