End of the Beginning


 No matter what this world tells us, for Christians, death is not the end. It’s the beginning of a beautiful life with Christ. Even though it still may hurt for those of us still here on Earth, we know that God is in control.

End of the Beginning

All these tears
All this pain
I know
That it is for
A reason
That there is
A point to all this

Even in
A broken world
With hurting people
Who’re shattered
And torn
We know
That we
Can have

Even in death
When those we love
Breathe no more
And the tears
Of grief
Seem to drag us under
We need not fear

Even though
We never will
Hear their voice
Or feel their arms
Wrapping tight
Around us
We know
That you are

Even though
They never will
Pour Your truths
Into our hearts again
We will trust in your
Mercies that are new
Every morning

Even if we never get
To see their earthly
Faces even once more
We will lean on You
Who will do what is

Even if you
Never heal
Or change these
Broken bodies
And if
You answer
To all my prayers
And pleas
I know what you
Are really saying is

Yes to what is best
To what will
Touch the world
Yes to what will
Truly change hearts
And bring the broken
To Yourself

Because in that
Very last breath
When their
Earthy shell is
When it seems that
This is the end
It is not

Oh Father God
You know that
It is not just
The end
But the

The beginning
Of a perfect life
Forever living
With You

Their last breath
Is not the finale
It does not finish
Their praises to You

But instead
It is the prelude to the
Hallelujah Chorus
Of their life

This may be the end
Of the pain
Of the sadness
And guilt of sin
The burdens of this
Earthly life
Are dropped there
No longer living

It is sin that is dead
And not the soul
That trusts in Christ
The last remnants
Of sin erased
They rise to you
Forever alive

They are now truly free
Living life to the fullest
Praising you forevermore

Remembrance of those Days – the 4th of July

On the 4th of July, we grill out, visit family, and go swimming. But, we need to remember why we celebrate.

I wrote this poem, Remembrance of those Days, as I was thinking about what God has done for us and what a blessing it is to live in the United States of America. Also, I was reminded what a great sacrifice was given so that we might be free – made by the early Americans and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Remembrance of those Days

What a wonder that they did.
Oh, those men from long ago.

They fought as they were led
By the leaders of our land.

They did not run in fear,
But trusted in God’s mighty hand.

They guarded what they held dear – 
 Truth, and liberty, and freedom.

They willingly gave up their life
So that we might come
And worship freely – no fear of strife.

We take this time to celebrate and remember
Our freedom, our country, our God.
For it is by Him only that we are here
To love, to serve, to glorify His name.

A Poem For Dad

My dad has done so much for me. So, this week, for Father’s Day, I wrote him a poem. This poem is also for all those dads who diligently teach us children to love and serve the Lord with all of our heart! Thanks, Dad!

You have always been there 
To protect me and to guide. 
You have taught me with care 
To hide God’s word deep inside. 
You have made it clear 
That when we hide His word,
It should be so near 
That His love can be heard 
Resounding from our life 
Into the world around
In every joy or strife. 
So that His glory may abound 
Throughout every tribe and nation. 
This is the anthem of your heart 
And your soul passion
May it never depart.

I Will Trust In You – Poem

I Will Trust You 

My heart had been scattered
Into millions of pieces. 
All that I once trusted blindly 
Was questioned.
Was is true?
Or was it false?
Each was tested and weighed
For truth or for error.

Is trusting in the stories
Of the Bible
Just like trusting that
Rome was an empire
Or that WWII happened?
Are they more like
Fairy tales?

Did someone really
Rise from the dead?
Can miracles actually happen?
Did God create the earth?
Does He even exist?

Is all that the Bible says true? 
Or is it all a lie?
When Jesus comes back,
Will He be coming for me?
Is He even going to come back?
Is all that I place my
Hope and my trust in –
A lie?

Then it struck me.
I had asked the question,
“Is Jesus even coming back?” 
I remembered someone saying,
“If the Bible is false,
Christians are to be pitied.”
Was I to be pitied?
Was I trusting in a false hope?

But, then, something
Tugged on my heart.
Something inside me said,
“Lord, I don’t understand 
Why I feel this way –
Why You seem far away.
But I will trust You.

“I will trust You
Through this storm,
Through this doubt,
Through this pain.
Because You. Are. 

“I will trust You
Because You are wise,
Because You know all,
Because You know best.
You have carried me this far.

“I will trust You.
Because You have brought me 
Through past storms,
Through past doubts,
Through past pain.

“And I Will Trust You.
Because Your word is TRUE.
It says you give life 
To the dead,
Hope to the hopeless,
And a purpose for my life.

“Without You I am
Without You I am 
Dead in my sin,
Lost and without hope,
And then, my life would
Have no meaning.
Because You created me to
Glorify You.

So, I will trust You
With my life.
I give it all to You.
May You use my life
To proclaim Your 
Powerful name 
To the whole earth.
Take my life. 
It is Yours to use.
I will trust You.





Just a Piece: God Has a Great Plan Even Though We Don’t See It.


Financial difficulties, moving away from home, the death of a relative – these are all things that cause us to feel worried, lonely, and/or discouraged. Why does this happen? 

Looking at all of these things, I see that we have no control over them (unless you are the person who is deciding to move the family). Also, in the cases of moving and losing a loved one, you miss someone and wish for that fellowship which you enjoyed so sweetly earlier to be renewed.

The following poem was written while I was wrestling with why I didn’t understand God’s perfect plan. I was wondering why difficult and painful things had to happen. The poem reflects the way I felt during that time of sadness and how I found peace in God’s flawless plan for my life.

Just a Piece

Why is this happening? 
I don’t understand! 
Things have gone wrong. 
This shouldn’t have happened. 
I can’t comprehend 
All that has taken place. 
What will this mean? 

God, I need you 
To get through
I can’t do this on my own. 
Please show me, What to do. 
To struggle through this 
By myself 
Would be painful. 
Please show me Your plan 
That I may do Your will. 

“I have a plan for you,” 
God says,
“But you have to trust me. 
Because to you, 
It might not make sense. 

“You see, your life is a piece. 
You have just a piece of my plan. 
A piece in a plan for this world, 
That is greater 
Then you can imagine. 

“Though this time in your life 
May be painful and tough, 
Remember that you have 
Just a puzzle piece In my big picture.

Mexico Vision Trip – Come

 Culture Shock  -the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone who is suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, a way of life, or set of attitudes.

I believe that I have had more trouble adjusting back to life here in the states than I did in Mexico. When I returned home, I had difficulties focusing on school. I kept getting distracted and my mind wouldn’t stop wandering. I seemed to be only half here.

So, I started to think about why this was happening. Is something going on in by brain that is keeping me from thinking straight?  What happened in Mexico?  What did I see there that could effect me in this way? 

As I was thinking those thoughts, I felt the urge to write a poem. For me, writing poems are one way of expressing one’s thoughts in a creative manner. You have to plan your thoughts and ideas in an organized way. This can be a little harder than just writing everything out normally. It makes you really think about what point you want to make.

Through writing the poem, I realized what was part of my problem. The problem became clearer as the words flowed out.

I now knew the plight of the orphans. I had begun to learn how to help them – and I wasn’t doing anything about it. Yes, I had been to Mexico for a week and played with the kids. I had fixed up part of their homes and encouraged them. But, now that I’m back in the states, what am I doing to help them – solving algebra problems?

I felt that I was doing nothing to help them. And, that perspective transferred over to everything else I did. School felt meaningless and I felt lazy when I was reading a book or just relaxing. I had identified my problem.

So, after reading my poem again, I realized that there are things that I can do to help the orphans around the world right now. I can raise awareness of the plight of the orphans and I can encourage others to go and serve them, as well.



Come. Come and see.
I beg you. I plee.
Come and see
The poverty.
The tattered bed,
The weary head,
That wonders…
“What is my purpose?
Why am I here?
Does anyone care?”
Come and see.

Come. Come and care.
Show a child that they matter.
Show them they are special-
That they are better
Than what other people say they are.
Come and care.

Come. Come and serve.
Fix a fan. Build a house.
They deserve
Much more than this.
More than dirt and grime.
More than dust and ash.
Come and serve.

Come. Come and play.
Bind up wounded hearts
By kicking a ball
Or throwing darts.
And, oh, when you call
Out their name,
You are saying,
“You’re important to me.”
Come and play.

Come and see.
Come and care.
Come and serve.
Come and play.
But, come in love.
Not in selfish ambition
Or to make yourself great.
Come to make God great.
Come to change lives
With the power of the cross.

Identity – A Battle Fought and Won

Around church, youth group, and youth bible studies you hear a great deal about identity, why it’s important, and who or what we should put our identity in.

When I was in middle school, I wondered, “Why does everybody make such a big deal out of this?” I knew it was important, but growing up in the church I had always known that my identity should be in Christ – why stress the fact now?

So, I went to Sunday school and listened to people talk about identity. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I was storing away in my mind the verses and thoughts that the leaders were bringing up in class.

One night, about a quarter of the way through ninth grade, while I was getting ready for bed, I looked at my face in the mirror. I really looked at it. Now, that might seem strange to you, but I did. Then I wondered,

“Is this who I really am? What happened to the little girl I see in my pictures from a few years ago? Am I still that girl? If I’m not, then who am I?”

And then it came to me – all that I had been taught at church and in Sunday school.

“I am a child of the King. I was bought with a price. It doesn’t matter what I look like or how old I am – God loves me just the way I am. He sent His son to die for my sins.

“I can find my identity in HIM and not anything else I do. I don’t have to put my identity in the sports that I play, the way I look, or even the talents that I have. All these things will, eventually, fade away. But, Christ will never fade away – He will last forever!”

“God has a plan and a purpose for me. He will never leave me nor forsake me. I am His and He is mine. I was bought with the precious blood of Christ.”

All that crossed my mind. Then I smiled,

“Thank you, Lord, for impressing Your word onto my heart. Thank You for those whom You have put in my life to teach me what Your word says.”

I wrote this poem because of that wonderful experience I had and I hope that it is encouraging to you as well. (Note that although this poem was written from a young woman’s point of view, it can be applicable for people of any age or gender.)

The Woman I Created You to Be

Who is that in the mirror,
Staring back at me?
She looks familiar, yet a stranger.
Is it me? It can’t be.
I’m not that old…
Am I?

It’s not who I remember being.
Not who I once was.
But now I’ve changed, matured,
Different from that little girl
Who I was before.

Yet, I still have my dreams,
My passions, my doubts,
And my fears.
But even those have changed,
Throughout the years.

Am I young, or am I old?
This question can plague
A person if they let it.
If I’m not like the little ones,
Who am I like?

But, does it matter,
In light of who I really am?
No, it does not matter!
I’m a child of the King!
Bought with a price,
My identity is in Christ!

Part of me says
“I don’t want to change!
Wasn’t it nice being young?”
But God says
“I’ve got you. Trust me.
I will use this time,
In your life, to make you
What I designed you to be.
A witness to the world
About my love to all the nations.

“If you put your hope, your trust,
Your identity in Me –
I will fulfill you more than anything
This world can offer.

“I want the best for you.
Put your trust in Me.
I made you.
I love you just the way you are,
And nothing in this
Universe can change that!

“If you trust me,
I can grow you,
Change you into the woman
I created you to be.”


For His Great Name